About Julie Gordon & Seascape Creations



Julie Gordon is a multidisciplinary artist with more than 30 years of experience in painting, ceramics, photography, and more. Inspired by daily therapeutic walks on the beach with her dog in her small coastal Massachusetts hometown, Julie began drawing inspiration from the sea; a shard of sea glass glimmering in the sunlight; the elegant lines of a single piece of seaweed sprawled on a canvas of wet sand; the brilliant reflection of the morning sunrise on flat, calm, blue water.

In an effort to fuse her passion for art and nature, Julie began experimenting with various methods of capturing the stunning beauty of the sea. In 2013, she found it in the form of Resin Art. Using beach treasures as her palette, Julie began creating thoughtfully-designed windows (that she coined “Seascape Windows”) that are designed to evoke the same feelings of peace, tranquility, and joy. “When I began working with this medium almost a decade ago, resin art wasn’t well known. My knowledge wasn’t gained by watching YouTube videos or mimicking other resin artists as there really wasn’t much out there. Everything I’ve learned in working with this powerful and challenging medium in the last 8 years has been through experimentation – some trial and (a lot) of error!”

Always striving to push forward, Julie still creates windows but has expanded her portfolio to combine resin with mixed media, including photography, painting, and ceramics. She brings this interdisciplinary background to her classes where she shares resin art techniques gained from her own experience as well as helps her students learn how to incorporate various materials and textures to create stunning works of art that they can be proud of. “My greatest joy is not from people admiring the work that I create, but rather when they are in awe of the work they create with me!”

Ready to be in awe? Find inspiration from Julie below and then take a class to create your own ocean-inspired resin art piece!


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