Seascape Windows are a great way to show off the sea glass and shells you’ve collected; however, they don’t need to be limited to beach treasures!

While jogging this morning, I marveled at the colorful array of fallen leaves that had blanketed my  New England town. Every few yards I would stop to pick up a particularly beautiful leaf. By the end of my run I had leaves (and berries) coming out of every appendage that I could stuff them into. I was fortunate that passing dogs did not relieve themselves on me!

“What the heck are you going to do with all of those leaves,” asked my running partner. Well, I planned to do what any nature-lover with Seascape Window supplies would do: create a “Fallscape” so that I could always remember and preserve this beautiful Fall wonderland.  The photo shows this morning’s bounty. I will use my leftover leaves and berries to make a second one for my aunt in Florida who misses the change in seasons. The gift of Fall!

Want to preserve your own Fall memories? We created a new Fallscape Window Kit which includes step-by-step directions and Fall-inspired treasures! View Fallscape Kit.

Happy leaf collecting!


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